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Does Your Emergency Generator System Comply With UST Regulations?

Emergency generator systems must comply with all underground storage tank regulations. Most underground storage tanks used for commercial purposes will be covered by either CT or Federal regulation, meaning that they must be registered and monitored while in use, and that the CT DEEP and/or the Federal Government must be notified before they are removed or decommissioned.

What Is Required If My Tank Is No Longer In Use?

If an emergency generator system is operational and is intended to be available for emergency use, the tank is considered active and the owner does not need to notify the authorities or close the tank; however, if the emergency generator system is taken out of service, the tank must be permanently closed within one year.

What Are The Benefits To Hiring An Experienced UST Removal Company?

A properly removed underground storage tank can:

  • Expedite real estate transactions
  • Expedite 21E site assessments
  • Remove the UST record from the states’ database

underground oil tank removalThis Is What To Expect If You Opt For UST Removal

  • The oil tank will be hoisted to the surface for recycling in accordance with municipal, state and federal regulation.
  • Any pollution caused by your leaking in-ground oil tank is addressed in the underground oil tank removal process (read more).
  • Martin Tank Removal will provide the owner with a Certificate of Disposal and soil analysis necessary for property sale or transfer.
  • Continuous inspections are performed during all phases of construction to verify the installation or removal was handled correctly.

If you are thinking about switching to an above-ground tank, Martin Tank Removal will provide the necessary expertise to get the job done. You will still be able to reap the benefits of your emergency generator, while reducing your risk.

Why Switch To An Above ground Tank For Fueling An Emergency Generator?

Switching out your underground tank for an above-ground tank will:

  • Reduce your premiums
  • Give you more options when choosing an insurance carrier
  • Lessen your chances of leaking and spillage. Leakages and spillages in underground storage tank systems can be costly and difficult to rectify.
  • Ease of monitoring and inspection through visual contact without the need of remote electronic leak detection and testing equipment